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Base64 encoding of binary file content

For testing a base64Binary XML type at one of my projects I needed an example of a base64 encoded file content. There is a simple command for that (at least when you are working on a Mac). For a file … Continue reading

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Enabling WSSE Basic Authentication for a Web Service client in Mule

In a previous post I described how to enable WSSE security options in your web services proxied by Mule ESB. In this post I show you how to enable WSSE basic authentication on a ‘client’ side. I used this set … Continue reading

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One way messaging with WSO2 ESB

As I posted before I am currently working with the WSO2 ESB. To get a good understanding of this ESB I have been walking through the samples (haven’t finished all of them yet 😉 ). Example 12 is about one-way … Continue reading

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Starting with WSO2 ESB by running the samples

I recently joined a new assignment where we have to implement an ESB solution based on the WSO2 toolstack. Although I am familiair with most of the concepts of the ESB and some other implementations (like Mule ESB) it is … Continue reading

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Testing a secured Mule ESB Web Service Proxy with SoapUI

A few weeks ago I received a mail with a request to look into an issue of which I was pretty sure I had solved it before. Since I couldn’t find how I did it back then I decided to … Continue reading

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Signing and Validating Soap requests with Mule ESB

Some months ago I have been busy implementing a web-service-proxy by using the Mule ESB CE. Although it took some work to get it up setup nicely it is working well now for quite some time. In this post I … Continue reading

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Creating a sample web service quickly

Every now and then I am evaluating a tool or framework for which I need a web service. Although there are examples of running serviuces available on the web, I don´t always have access to the web and sometimes you … Continue reading

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‘Error import WSDL’ in SoapUI

Although it has been a while since I posted about SoapUI I am still receiving questions about the tool. The most frequently asked question is how to solve the error ‘Error import WSDL’ so I will post the steps I … Continue reading

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‘Hello World’ with Glassfish, Metro and Maven

As might be clear by my latest posts I am currently working on a project where we use Glassfish and EJB3 as platform for our JEE application. One thing that we had to decide upon was the WebService framework we … Continue reading

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Added SCDJWS certificate to the list :-)

As posted here I have been busy last few weeks studying for my upcoming exam to become Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services. Well, the exam was today and I am happy to announce I made it :-). So … Continue reading

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