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Oracle’s BPEL example ‘StockQuoteService’ is not working correctly

Just for those going through the examples of Oracle BPEL that are delivered with the SOA Suite There is a minor issue with the supplied service ‘StockQuoteService’ which is in the ‘/samples/tools’ directory and is used in some of … Continue reading


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Compile error when generating webservice proxies with JDeveloper 10.1.3

For a web-application I once created a web service proxy to communicate with a web service. In this same application we also communicated with BPEL by using the HumanWorkflow API. Why this is important to know I will explain later. … Continue reading

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Getting Human Workflow Tasklist from Oracle BPEL

For my last project we had to get access to the HumanWorkflow Tasklist that was created and maintained by Oracle BPEL For this purpose BPEL comes with an API that should be used. However, for the latest release there … Continue reading

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