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EJB3 with JBoss5 and Maven2 (part 3)

As I promised here this is the last part about using Maven2 to build, test and deploy an EJB3 application to JBoss5. In part 2 I showed how you can build and deploy your EJB3 application in JBoss. In this … Continue reading

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JAXB2 Transformers in Mule2

Currently I am looking into the possiblities Mule has to offer for our project. One of the things that must be done is to transform a message on our (Tibco) queue to a JAXB object so we can use the … Continue reading

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Calling EJB3 with Mule and test it with OpenEJB

Like I said here we are evaluating Mule to see if we can use it in our situation. One of the things we must do with Mule is to call our business services that are implemented by EJB3 classes based … Continue reading

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Using OpenEJB for EJB3 testing with Maven2

Like I promised here I will show my project setup in which I test my EJB3 beans with OpenEJB. Although there are a lot of examples provided with OpenEJB I ran into some minor issues that I will explain here. … Continue reading

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Testing EJB3 with Maven2

I am setting up a new JEE project. In this project we will use EJB3 as framework for the business layer. And of course we are using Maven to build, test and deploy the application. One important issue I have … Continue reading

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