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Reviewing the Mule Cookbook from PacktPublisher

Since a few months I am involved in a few Mule ESB projects again. Although it had been a while working with Mule they still know where to find me for some project work with the Mule ESB 🙂 At … Continue reading

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Replacing standard Mule Transformer with a custom implementation

Although there is a lot of documentation about Mule ESB the issue in this post still took me some time to get it right. In this post I give a complete example of how I replaced standard Mule functionality (a … Continue reading

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Mule ESB and the NoSuchMethodError: org.mule.util.ClassUtils.getClass exception

Currently I am adding some SAML related functionality to a Mule3 implementation of one of our clients. To work with the SAML objects I make use of the OpenSAML library that is provided here as open source. I added the … Continue reading

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Testing a secured Mule ESB Web Service Proxy with SoapUI

A few weeks ago I received a mail with a request to look into an issue of which I was pretty sure I had solved it before. Since I couldn’t find how I did it back then I decided to … Continue reading

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Signing and Validating Soap requests with Mule ESB

Some months ago I have been busy implementing a web-service-proxy by using the Mule ESB CE. Although it took some work to get it up setup nicely it is working well now for quite some time. In this post I … Continue reading

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Implementing HTTPS with Mule ESB

At one of my clients we use the Mule ESB (3.1) to communicate with the outside world. A big difference compared with having Mule running inside the company network is the security. One of the steps to make the communication … Continue reading

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Use Mule to sync WordPress sites

I recently thought about to create a process with which I could keep two instances of WordPress in sync. I wanted to see if I could do this with Mule. I came up with the following solution: Receive the RSS … Continue reading

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Citrus testcase example: CSV File Inbound -> Xml Http Outbound

As promised I’m going to show a test case for which I have used Citrus to implement it. The case is like this: In a predefined folder on a machine a character-separated file is placed. This file is picked up … Continue reading

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Setup Citrus for testing Mule ESB

Recently, I ran into an open-source test framework called Citrus. Citrus supports you in testing message interfaces in enterprise applications. Manual testing effort as well as coding mocks and simulators are not necessary. Instead Citrus enables integration testing in an … Continue reading

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Using parameters with XSLT in Mule

Recently I got into a situation where I had to put ‘metadata’ values (which were part of the Mule Message) into the XML result of an XSLT transformer. Let me explain the situation with an example. Imagine you have an … Continue reading

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