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More advanced stuff with JMS and AWS SQS

As you might know SQS in AWS SQS stands for ‘Simple Queue Service’. While playing around with it I recently found one of the reasons why it may be called ‘simple’. In two previous posts (here and here) I showed … Continue reading

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Mule ESB, ActiveMQ and the DLQ

In this post I show a simple Mule ESB flow to see the DLQ feature of Active MQ in action. I assume you have a running Apache ActiveMQ instance available (if not you can download a version here). In this … Continue reading

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Running multiple ActiveMQ instances on one machine

A few weeks ago I started making use of Apache ActiveMQ again as the JMS provider with my Mule ESB solution. Since it had been a few years that I used ActiveMQ I thought it would be nice to check … Continue reading

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Unit Test Mule with ActiveMQ defined as datasource

In a previous post I described how you can configure an ActiveMQ connection-factory as datasource in Tomcat. Although this works great in a deployed Mule application you can’t use this technique in your unit tests! So in this post I … Continue reading

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Combining ActiveMQ, Tomcat and Mule ESB

This post describes how we managed to use standalone ActiveMQ (v5.2.0) as JNDI datasource in our Mule ESB application deployed in Apache Tomcat(v6.0). If you are still with me after reading this first line then I may assume you know … Continue reading

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