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Make running your Spring Boot application in the cloud super easy with Boxfuse

A few days ago I started building an iOS app that would be using a REST API to retrieve and store data. This REST API would be a server application that I also have to build. Since I am familiair … Continue reading

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Using AWS SQS as JMS provider with Spring

Recently AWS published a new client library that implements the JMS 1.1 specification and uses their Simple Queue Service (SQS) as the JMS provider (see Jeff Barr’s post here). In my post I will show you how to set up … Continue reading

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Running the Maven Release Plugin with Jenkins

Recently I started to implement our release process in Jenkins. Until then I just ran the release plugin of Maven on my local machine which did the job. As I said we decided to move this task to Jenkins. The … Continue reading

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Automated deployment with Mule Management Console and Maven

In my opinion a deployment of any application should be as automated as possible to avoid errors due to manual mistakes. This is no different with a Mule ESB application. If you are using the Enterprise Edition of the Mule … Continue reading

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Populate your Maven repo with Mule ESB libraries

Update: I recently discovered that the Mule EE libraries are available in a Maven repository. You have to have a Mule EE license to obtain the credentials. More info about it here. This option would make the remainder of the … Continue reading

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Unit testing a Java Hadoop job

In my previous post I showed how to setup a complete Maven based project to create a Hadoop job in Java. Of course it wasn’t complete because it is missing the unit test part :-). In this post I show … Continue reading

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Deploying the WSO2 CAR file with Maven

To deploy my WSO2 Carbon Application aRchive (CAR) file to my WSO2 ESB instance I use this Maven plugin. I couldn’t find a lot of documentation about it but I post here how I use it. I added the following … Continue reading

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Using Maven Jetty plugin

Although I am using Maven since a long time I never used the Jetty plugin until recently. To be able to test a REST client I created a servlet which showed me all incoming parameters and headers with the incoming … Continue reading

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Cloning a JAXB object

When you are using Java language to integrate applications you sooner or later will need a XML Binding framework. I have always used JAXB which is very easy to use in combination with Maven and the right plugin. Currently I … Continue reading

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Generate JAXB classes with Maven based on multiple schema’s

Earlier, we blogged about generating JAXB classes based on XSD files. However, sometimes we need multiple configurations with multiple XSD files. Previous blog posts did not cover this topic, so I thought I’d cover it in a seperate post. The solution … Continue reading

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