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‘Hello World’ with Glassfish, Metro and Maven

As might be clear by my latest posts I am currently working on a project where we use Glassfish and EJB3 as platform for our JEE application. One thing that we had to decide upon was the WebService framework we … Continue reading

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Using OpenEJB for EJB3 testing with Maven2

Like I promised here I will show my project setup in which I test my EJB3 beans with OpenEJB. Although there are a lot of examples provided with OpenEJB I ran into some minor issues that I will explain here. … Continue reading

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Create a EJB3 WebService with Maven2 running on Glassfish

A year ago I posted how you could create a EJB3 webservice and deploy it on JBoss with Maven. Currently I am doing a similar thing at my project, but this time I deploy it to Glassfish. The creation of … Continue reading

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