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Using parameters with XSLT in Mule

Recently I got into a situation where I had to put ‘metadata’ values (which were part of the Mule Message) into the XML result of an XSLT transformer. Let me explain the situation with an example. Imagine you have an … Continue reading

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Reloadable XSLT Transformer in Mule

One of the main functions of a Mule ESB application (besides transporting messages) is transforming messages to another format. Nowadays a lot of messages are XML based so a lot of transformations are done by using XSLT, or in Mule … Continue reading

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Combining Mule with Altova MapForce

As promised in our previous blog about Altova Mapforce we will show in this post how to combine the result of the generated code of Altova Mapforce with a Mule application. As we have shown before, the Java code that … Continue reading

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Introducing Altova Mapforce

Although we see many advantages in using (free) open source tools or frameworks we keep our eyes open to check whether the chosen open source solution is best for our customer. We recently had a situation where we preferred a … Continue reading

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