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Cloning a JAXB object

When you are using Java language to integrate applications you sooner or later will need a XML Binding framework. I have always used JAXB which is very easy to use in combination with Maven and the right plugin. Currently I … Continue reading

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Create your own Expression Evaluator in Mule

Although there are a lot of evaluators available in Mule CE it is very easy to add your own evaluator. In my case we have a self defined message format that holds some properties in the header of a message … Continue reading

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Mule2, CXF and serializable classes

This post is one of the series of posts about issues that occurred when we were using Mule2 in a real life project. As I wrote in my last post we were using CXF to call a webservice with Mule. … Continue reading

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Mule2 and the IllegalArgumentException

This is the first of a series of short posts about issues we had when using Mule2 in a real project. The first issue I want to mention is the IllegalArgumentException. When we first ran into this exception we hadn’t … Continue reading

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Generating JAXB2 with Maven2

I have blogged before about how to generate JAXB binding classes based on your WSDL file, this time I wanted to generate JAXB classes based on just XSD files. Although I expected this to be simple, it took me quite … Continue reading

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