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Mule ESB, ActiveMQ and the DLQ

In this post I show a simple Mule ESB flow to see the DLQ feature of Active MQ in action. I assume you have a running Apache ActiveMQ instance available (if not you can download a version here). In this … Continue reading

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Enabling WSSE Basic Authentication for a Web Service client in Mule

In a previous post I described how to enable WSSE security options in your web services proxied by Mule ESB. In this post I show you how to enable WSSE basic authentication on a ‘client’ side. I used this set … Continue reading

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Unexpected behavior using Mule Expression Language

While developing flows with a recent Mule ESB there is a big chance you will make use of MEL in your configuration. Although this feature has added great benefits while developing Mule flows it sometimes drives me crazy. In this … Continue reading

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Using encrypted passwords with Mule ESB

A good practice in the Mule ESB is to supply properties by using a property file. Most of the time you will end up adding passwords to the properties file. In that case you might want to encrypt the passwords … Continue reading

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Unit testing with Mule ESB 3.4 Enterprise Edition

There is a big chance that when you are using the Mule ESB EE as your ESB implementation and you are creating functional/unit tests you sooner or later will need a license on your test classpath to be able to … Continue reading

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Message Throttling with Mule ESB

While implementing the Mule ESB I ran into the following scenario: Messages were picked up from a queue, the message was transformed, offered to a web service, the response was transformed and put on a response queue. Not an unusual … Continue reading

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Automated deployment with Mule Management Console and Maven

In my opinion a deployment of any application should be as automated as possible to avoid errors due to manual mistakes. This is no different with a Mule ESB application. If you are using the Enterprise Edition of the Mule … Continue reading

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Validating XML message in Mule 3

A quite common use case in a flow in the Mule ESB is validating if an XML document is valid against a corresponding XSD. Especially if a project is in the development/test stage it can be quite annoying to find … Continue reading

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