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Using Boolean fields with Oracle RDBMS

Like I posted here we are currently busy replacing the Postgres database with an Oracle database. One issue we encountered was the use of boolean fields in the Postgres database, because there is no such type in the Oracle database. … Continue reading

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Combining enum with EJB3 Entity bean

Do you recognize this: Although you are using a tool to develop your applications for some time, you are suddenly surprised by a certain error message you haven’t seen before? And you didn’t do anything different compared to the last … Continue reading

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Failure trying to catch an UncategorizedSQLException

To store information in our PostgreSQL database we use Spring and Hibernate as I mentioned earlier in my posts. Some of our tables in the database also have GIS information with them. That’s why we are also using PostGIS extension … Continue reading

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Hibernate and the famous LazyInitializationException

When you are working with Hibernate there is a big chance you have (or will) run into the lazy loading exception: org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection – no session or session was closed. Well, last week it was … Continue reading

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