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Message Content Filtering with WSO2 ESB

Every integration architect or developer should be familiair with Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) as described by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. One of the patterns is the ‘Content Message Filter’ (not to be confused with the Message Filter pattern). There … Continue reading

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Making use of the open sources of WSO2 ESB

When implementing services using the WSO2 stack (or any other open source Java framework) you will sooner or later run into a situation that the framework behaviour doesn’t do what you expect it should do. Or you just want to … Continue reading

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Using your own WSDL with a WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

It is common practice to use an external XSD file in your WSDL. This way you can easily reuse your XSD at other places. However if you want to use such WSDL in your WSO2 ESB Proxy Service you have … Continue reading

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Developing with WSO2

Since a few months I am back working with WSO2 products. In the upcoming posts I describe some of the (small) issues I ran into and how to solve them. The first thing I did when setting up my development … Continue reading

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Obtaining the complete XML message as xs:string with XSLT

At a recent project I needed to implement functionality which would store an incoming message in a relational database. Since we were using the WSO2 platform I created a WSO2 DataService for this by generating a Data WebService based in … Continue reading

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Creating Mock service in WSO2 ESB

I posted before about how to create a mock service when you have a JDK 1.6 or higher available (for the interested you can find it here). Of course there are a lot more options to mock web services (one … Continue reading

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Implementing WireTap EIP in WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

One of the EIP patterns is the WireTap. In this pattern you can extract a copy of the message from the flow without interfering the process. The way to do this in the WSO2 ESB is by simply using the … Continue reading

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Deploying the WSO2 CAR file with Maven

To deploy my WSO2 Carbon Application aRchive (CAR) file to my WSO2 ESB instance I use this Maven plugin. I couldn’t find a lot of documentation about it but I post here how I use it. I added the following … Continue reading

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One way messaging with WSO2 ESB

As I posted before I am currently working with the WSO2 ESB. To get a good understanding of this ESB I have been walking through the samples (haven’t finished all of them yet 😉 ). Example 12 is about one-way … Continue reading

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Starting with WSO2 ESB by running the samples

I recently joined a new assignment where we have to implement an ESB solution based on the WSO2 toolstack. Although I am familiair with most of the concepts of the ESB and some other implementations (like Mule ESB) it is … Continue reading

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