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Mule2, CXF and serializable classes

This post is one of the series of posts about issues that occurred when we were using Mule2 in a real life project. As I wrote in my last post we were using CXF to call a webservice with Mule. … Continue reading

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Make Serializable JAX-WS clients with Maven2

As I described here I am using JAXWS’ wsimport function to generate a Webservice interface and the JAXB objects for my application. The generated JAXB objects are also used as parameters for some remote EJB calls. Therefore I had to … Continue reading

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‘Hello World’ with Glassfish, Metro and Maven

As might be clear by my latest posts I am currently working on a project where we use Glassfish and EJB3 as platform for our JEE application. One thing that we had to decide upon was the WebService framework we … Continue reading

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