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Small hack to avoid SSL validation in Spring RestTemplate

As you might notice from my previous posts I am a big fan of Spring Framework. A few weeks back, for example, I needed to set up a REST API client to be able to test some things in our … Continue reading

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Use Spring Cloud Config as externalized configuration

One of the most important practices when it comes to continuous delivery is building your binaries only once and use that one in the different environments (dev, test, acceptance, etc). This means that most likely you will need to externalize … Continue reading

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Validating JWT with Spring Boot and Spring Security

For my current project I will have a REST API set up with Spring Boot (most likely running with BoxFuse). To be able to use the API endpoint the application will check that the incoming request has a valid JWT … Continue reading

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Setting up https for your REST API with Boxfuse

In my last post I showed how easy it was to get your REST API based on Spring Boot framework up and running on AWS with the help of Boxfuse. The next step is making use of SSL for the … Continue reading

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Make running your Spring Boot application in the cloud super easy with Boxfuse

A few days ago I started building an iOS app that would be using a REST API to retrieve and store data. This REST API would be a server application that I also have to build. Since I am familiair … Continue reading

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More advanced stuff with JMS and AWS SQS

As you might know SQS in AWS SQS stands for ‘Simple Queue Service’. While playing around with it I recently found one of the reasons why it may be called ‘simple’. In two previous posts (here and here) I showed … Continue reading

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Creating a Message Driven Bean with AWS SQS in Spring

In my previous post I showed a simple example how to use AWS SQS with Spring Framework to put messages on a queue and to read them from the queue. In this post I go one step further and use … Continue reading

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Using AWS SQS as JMS provider with Spring

Recently AWS published a new client library that implements the JMS 1.1 specification and uses their Simple Queue Service (SQS) as the JMS provider (see Jeff Barr’s post here). In my post I will show you how to set up … Continue reading

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Up And Running With Spring Framework 4 In Five Hours

I recently was invited to follow an online training at Udemy to get up to speed with Spring 4. Now most of the time I am not really interested in the subject of the offered trainings but as an open … Continue reading

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Using encrypted passwords with Mule ESB

A good practice in the Mule ESB is to supply properties by using a property file. Most of the time you will end up adding passwords to the properties file. In that case you might want to encrypt the passwords … Continue reading

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