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Message Content Filtering with WSO2 ESB

Every integration architect or developer should be familiair with Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) as described by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. One of the patterns is the ‘Content Message Filter’ (not to be confused with the Message Filter pattern). There … Continue reading

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Base64 encoding of binary file content

For testing a base64Binary XML type at one of my projects I needed an example of a base64 encoded file content. There is a simple command for that (at least when you are working on a Mac). For a file … Continue reading

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Using your own WSDL with a WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

It is common practice to use an external XSD file in your WSDL. This way you can easily reuse your XSD at other places. However if you want to use such WSDL in your WSO2 ESB Proxy Service you have … Continue reading

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right-pad values with XSLT

In this post an XSLT function that can be used to right-pad the value of an element with a chosen character to a certain length. No rocket science but this might become handy again so by putting it down here … Continue reading

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Validating XML message in Mule 3

A quite common use case in a flow in the Mule ESB is validating if an XML document is valid against a corresponding XSD. Especially if a project is in the development/test stage it can be quite annoying to find … Continue reading

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Obtaining the complete XML message as xs:string with XSLT

At a recent project I needed to implement functionality which would store an incoming message in a relational database. Since we were using the WSO2 platform I created a WSO2 DataService for this by generating a Data WebService based in … Continue reading

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Transforming XML to CSV via XSLT

As the archive of this blog might make clear I am a big fan of the Altova product MapForce. I have used this tool a lot for transforming XML to XML or CSV. However, in my current project I also … Continue reading

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Removing DiffGram element in web service messages

Some time ago I was asked to review existing web services for a customer. The main thing I noticed was that they were using Microsoft’s diffgram elements and attributes in their input and output messages. I was not familiar with … Continue reading

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Using parameters with XSLT in Mule

Recently I got into a situation where I had to put ‘metadata’ values (which were part of the Mule Message) into the XML result of an XSLT transformer. Let me explain the situation with an example. Imagine you have an … Continue reading

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Reloadable XSLT Transformer in Mule

One of the main functions of a Mule ESB application (besides transporting messages) is transforming messages to another format. Nowadays a lot of messages are XML based so a lot of transformations are done by using XSLT, or in Mule … Continue reading

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