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Getting started with AWS IAM

Recently AWS announced that using IAM Roles with their EMR service will be mandatory as of June 30 this year. In this post I will show you how to setup the IAM basics when you are starting with AWS. When … Continue reading

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More advanced stuff with JMS and AWS SQS

As you might know SQS in AWS SQS stands for ‘Simple Queue Service’. While playing around with it I recently found one of the reasons why it may be called ‘simple’. In two previous posts (here and here) I showed … Continue reading

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What is the score of your AWS setup?

Every now and then I get an update from CloudCheckr about the new features they added to their tool. It is quite impressive what they can achieve for your AWS account(s). If you have a look at the infographic they … Continue reading

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(Not so) deep dive on Databases on AWS

Last week I attended to a webinar of AWS for partners called ‘Deep Dive on Databases on AWS’. Although I know my way around in AWS it can never hurt to attend to webinars like these to see if there … Continue reading

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Running Hive jobs on AWS EMR

In a previous post I showed how to run a simple job using AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR). In this example we continue to make use of EMR but now to run a Hive job. Hive is a data warehouse system … Continue reading

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Archiving data to AWS Glacier

For archiving your data at AWS you can use AWS Glacier. This service offers cheaper storage than the S3 service but the downside is that your data won’t be accessible right away as it is with S3. It may take … Continue reading

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Using AWS ElasticMapReduce with the Command Line Interface

In this post I am going to use the AWS MapReduce service (called ElasticMapReduce) by making use of the CLI for EMR. The process of using EMR can be divided in three steps on a high level: set up and … Continue reading

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Using s3cmd for working with AWS s3 buckets

When you make use of (some of the) Amazon services there is a big chance S3 is one of them for the storage of files, be it temporary or more permanent. When you are using this service of AWS and … Continue reading

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AWS Summit London 2013

Last week I attended to the AWS Summit in London. Together with a few colleagues from 4Synergy we saw a lot of interesting stuff. I attended to the Data & Analytics Track and saw (again) the potential of what AWS … Continue reading

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Using CloudCheckr for AWS monitoring

About a month ago I posted about the tool CloudCheckr for the first time. Since then I have had a look at it every now and then and I must say I really love it. Although my Amazon AWS environment … Continue reading

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