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Making use of the open sources of WSO2 ESB

When implementing services using the WSO2 stack (or any other open source Java framework) you will sooner or later run into a situation that the framework behaviour doesn’t do what you expect it should do. Or you just want to … Continue reading

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Using your own WSDL with a WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

It is common practice to use an external XSD file in your WSDL. This way you can easily reuse your XSD at other places. However if you want to use such WSDL in your WSO2 ESB Proxy Service you have … Continue reading

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Developing with WSO2

Since a few months I am back working with WSO2 products. In the upcoming posts I describe some of the (small) issues I ran into and how to solve them. The first thing I did when setting up my development … Continue reading

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