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Using encrypted passwords with Mule ESB

A good practice in the Mule ESB is to supply properties by using a property file. Most of the time you will end up adding passwords to the properties file. In that case you might want to encrypt the passwords … Continue reading

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Using StAX Parsing with JBoss4.0.5.GA

In my previous post (here) I described how to combine Spring WS with StAX parsing the SOAP messages. I ended with generating the WSDL as a test and said you could use Soap UI for testing the web service. Well, … Continue reading

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Using StAX with Spring WS

As I have posted before we are using XFire to implement our web service. Unfortunately, we are running into some serious issues with the framework, so we decided to look after another implementation. Since XFire is no longer supported by … Continue reading

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Weird Quartz scheduler behaviour

As I posted before here I am using Quartz scheduler to schedule some batch jobs. It seemed to work fine but now while we were testing our application it appeared Quartz was showing some weird behaviour. I have scheduled 3 … Continue reading

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Configuring durable messages with SpringFramework

In our project we have a webservice that receives a message, processes it and sends a response back. Very common for a webservice I think 🙂 Now there was an extra request: log all messages in a database so we … Continue reading

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Scheduling with Spring and Quartz

Just a small post about something I noticed in Quartz. I wanted to offer the user a screen with functionality so they could (re)schedule a batch job which then would do all kinds of batch stuf. To schedule the job … Continue reading

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Failure trying to catch an UncategorizedSQLException

To store information in our PostgreSQL database we use Spring and Hibernate as I mentioned earlier in my posts. Some of our tables in the database also have GIS information with them. That’s why we are also using PostGIS extension … Continue reading

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Using Spring JMS

Last week I discovered a piece of code in our project that didn’t use Spring yet. It was the piece of code that used JMS to access some JBoss queues. Since we did use Spring everywhere in our code where … Continue reading

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