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Hip Hip Hooray, 10 years of blogging

This month it has been 10 years ago that I published my first blog post. The post was about Oracle BPEL which was quite hot back then. Of course lots has changed in IT since then but not my eagerness … Continue reading

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Just became a JCG!

A few weeks ago I posted about becoming a member of the DZone initiative. Last week I received a request to become a member of the Java Code Geeks, a similar initiave. Of course I accepted the offer since it … Continue reading

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I am now a MVB at DZone

Since yesterday some of my blog posts will also be posted at DZone. I received an invitation to become a MVB last week and after some administration I am now officially a MVB. You can find my profile with all … Continue reading

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Use Spring and Hibernate with MongoDB

One of the requirements we have for one of our Mule ESB implementations is to log the messages that went through the ESB (especially handy during development and testing). There has been written a lot already about logging with Mule … Continue reading

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Mule in the Cloud: First impression

Recently Mulesoft has released a new platform: iPAAS. I just went through the starters guide and I am pretty impressed. Of course the use case in the tutorial is very simple but the whole idea of just putting your Mule … Continue reading

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Setup Citrus for testing Mule ESB

Recently, I ran into an open-source test framework called Citrus. Citrus supports you in testing message interfaces in enterprise applications. Manual testing effort as well as coding mocks and simulators are not necessary. Instead Citrus enables integration testing in an … Continue reading

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TcpTunnelGui: maybe old but still useful

Although the TcpTunnelerGui has been around for a while (for about 10 years now) it is still helping me out in several situations. The only thing I keep forgetting is where to get it and what the exact syntax is … Continue reading

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Removing DiffGram element in web service messages

Some time ago I was asked to review existing web services for a customer. The main thing I noticed was that they were using Microsoft’s diffgram elements and attributes in their input and output messages. I was not familiar with … Continue reading

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Using parameters with XSLT in Mule

Recently I got into a situation where I had to put ‘metadata’ values (which were part of the Mule Message) into the XML result of an XSLT transformer. Let me explain the situation with an example. Imagine you have an … Continue reading

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Generate JAXB classes with Maven based on multiple schema’s

Earlier, we blogged about generating JAXB classes based on XSD files. However, sometimes we need multiple configurations with multiple XSD files. Previous blog posts did not cover this topic, so I thought I’d cover it in a seperate post. The solution … Continue reading

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