My first watchOS App for Apple Watch is in the AppStore

watchos-2.0After submitting my first app for the iPhone to the store I decided it was time to create an app for the Apple Watch. I already had the idea about the game I wanted to create for it but mostly it would be a great exercise for me to see what it takes to built such an app. The game might be known as ‘Simon Says‘.
At first the development of the WatchKit based app went well. Because the layout of the watch and available components are limited compared to the iPhone/iPad it makes creating the screens relatively easy. Since the screen of the watch is small only a few elements can be shown on them.

The game in action looks like this:
However later on in the process of building the app it took quite some time to create the communication between the Watch and the iPhone and especially the testing of it in the simulator (I decided it would be nice to have some interaction of the watch with the Apple Game Center)!

Last week I saw this post that matched my experiences with the WatchKit. Especially the testing/ debugging of the communication between the watch and the iPhone in the simulator was problematic and offers room for improvement. Although I agree with the article about the shortcomings of the watch for a game app I still think it is a great way to become more familiar with the iOS/ WatchKit APIs and frameworks. To try the game for yourself (like I said you will need a Apple Watch for that) click the button below:

The next release is currently being reviewed by Apple. It adds internationalization to the game so all texts and labels in the game will also available in Dutch 🙂

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