Next step with Swift

downloadAs I said in my previous post I really like building some fun apps with Swift. I also mentioned that to gather a more fundamental understanding I subscribed to the Coursera specialization course ‘iOS App Development with Swift Specialization‘. I am currently working on the second course of the 4 in total. The quality of this second part of the course is much better than compared to the first one, which was a bit messy. In this part lots of things start to fall in place. I also worked my way through the first 30 examples of ‘Hacking with Swift‘ which is a nice add-on to the Coursera training. With these two resources plus lots of other sites (like this one which explains some of the basics very nicely) about Swift and iOS I hope I will be able to create my own app and make it available in the store somewhere next year, which of course you will read here if the time is there 🙂

About Pascal Alma

Pascal is a senior IT consultant and has been working in IT since 1997. He is monitoring the latest development in new technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Big Data) closely and particularly interested in Java open source tool stacks, cloud related technologies like AWS and mobile development like building iOS apps with Swift. Specialties: Java/JEE/Spring Amazon AWS API/REST Big Data Continuous Delivery Swift/iOS
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