The first steps with Swift

downloadAs I posted before I am currently using my sparse spare time to learn more about Apple’s new program language: Swift. As I said I started by following the excellent examples of Paul Hudson on his site ‘Hacking with Swift‘. Last month I decided to add some more structure in my process of learning Swift and subscribed to the online course offered by the University of Toronto at Coursera. It consists of 3 modules of each around 5 weeks and an assignment. Last weekend I finished the first module with great success :-). Although I had to get used to the lectures in the beginning of the course they started to become better in the end and I really learned a lot of the assignment and peer assessments at the final stage of the first module. So I’ll keep continuing to work through the examples of Paul Hudson and parallel to that subscribe to the Swift specialisation of Coursera and earn the certificates of the Toronto University. Here is proof of the first module:
Of course the ultimate goal is the get some apps in the Apple Store so as soon as my first app is in the Apple Store I will post it here!

About Pascal Alma

Pascal is a senior IT consultant and has been working in IT since 1997. He is monitoring the latest development in new technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Big Data) closely and particularly interested in Java open source tool stacks, cloud related technologies like AWS and mobile development like building iOS apps with Swift. Specialties: Java/JEE/Spring Amazon AWS API/REST Big Data Continuous Delivery Swift/iOS
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