Developing with WSO2

wso2-logo-e1412323639751Since a few months I am back working with WSO2 products. In the upcoming posts I describe some of the (small) issues I ran into and how to solve them.

The first thing I did when setting up my development environment was downloading the Developer Studio (64-bit version) on my Mac.

After unzipping the downloaded zip file you see the Eclipse icon like this:

However after double clicking the icon Eclipse doesn’t start… Great way to start with the product 😉

Although this issue is described on their installation page this isn’t exactly the information I read before starting a Java IDE like Eclipse. But it turns out that you have to adjust the file permissions for the Studio to work on a Mac. Just open up a Terminal, browse to the installation directory and modify the permission like this:
After fixing the permission you will see the familiair Eclipse applicationafter double clicking the icon:

Another small issue you just have to know how to work with it is with the Management Console that comes with the WSO2 product. As an example here is the Management Console for the WSO2 ESB:
Now when you want to edit the source of a certain item in the ESB you can do this by going to the source view of that item like this:
Now if you want to increase the size of the source box you shouldn’t try to drag the right corner but just click it once and resize the box:
Now you can see more of the source view like this:
Once you know it it is so easy 🙂


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Pascal is a senior IT consultant and has been working in IT since 1997. He is monitoring the latest development in new technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Big Data) closely and particularly interested in Java open source tool stacks, cloud related technologies like AWS and mobile development like building iOS apps with Swift. Specialties: Java/JEE/Spring Amazon AWS API/REST Big Data Continuous Delivery Swift/iOS
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  1. Good to see a blog about WSO2 products from a WSO2 product user :). Keep posting..

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