(Not so) deep dive on Databases on AWS

Last week I attended to a webinar of AWS for partners called ‘Deep Dive on Databases on AWS’. Although I know my way around in AWS it can never hurt to attend to webinars like these to see if there is something I missed and since it was held on an Europe friendly time I decided to attend. When I saw the description of the webinar I was wondering how you could have a ‘deep’ dive of all options that AWS offer on database level in one hour? The conclusion is you can’t. AWS simply offers too much to discuss in detail in one hour.The available options that were discussed:
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 19.19.10
As you can see that is quite a lot. And you can easily fill a day for each option by really taking a deep dive. So the webinar was good for an overview and went a little further than simply getting a glimpse but I wouldn’t really call it a ‘deep’ dive. If you really want to know the nitty-gritty details of each option you will have to invest a lot more time (or find a AWS partner who has already done that 😉 ). For a quick overview of the AWS Database services you can have a look here. Next week I will attend to another webinar about DynamoDB. We will see how far we will get in an hour about just DynamoDB.

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