I am now a MVB at DZone

Since yesterday some of my blog posts will also be posted at DZone. I received an invitation to become a MVB last week and after some administration I am now officially a MVB.


You can find my profile with all posts at DZone here.

About DZone:

DZone produces and publishes valuable content for our global audience of software developers and architects. For 15 years, DZone has cultivated trust and earned credibility with our active and engaged community by being honest, producing and sharing useful content where it will have the greatest impact.

About Pascal Alma

Pascal is a senior IT consultant and has been working in IT since 1997. He is monitoring the latest development in new technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Big Data) closely and particularly interested in Java open source tool stacks, cloud related technologies like AWS and mobile development like building iOS apps with Swift. Specialties: Java/JEE/Spring Amazon AWS API/REST Big Data Continuous Delivery Swift/iOS
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