Setting up the Amazon Simple Notication Service

The Amazon SNS is a robust way to send notification messages via multiple protocols like e-mail, SMS, HTTP, etc. There are many use cases where you can use a service like this but I want to show how to use it to get notified when my EC2 server that I created in my previous post is started. Here are the steps to create the notification:

  • Create new topic
  • In the AWS Management Console go to the SNS service page and click ‘Create new topic’:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 21.43.08
    Name the Topic and press ‘Create Topic’:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 21.52.31

  • Create a subscription
  • Now subscribe to the created topic by selecting it in the overview and click ‘Create new subscription’:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.06.01
    As protocol choose email and fill in the mail address you want to receive the notification on:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.18.47
    You will see a message that a confirmation has been sent to the supplied address:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.19.48
    After a few seconds you will receive a mail with a link to confirm the subscription. After you click it you will see the confirmation:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.22.53
    When you return to the overview and refresh the view you see the topic and the subscription:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.49.44
    To test the subscription post a message to the topic by clicking ‘Publish to Topic’:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 22.49.44
    Enter some details for and click ‘publish’:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 23.02.11
    After a few seconds you will see the message in your inbox. Now this notification is set up the next step is to have the EC2 server sending the message when it is starting up. I will describe this in the next post.


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