TcpTunnelGui: maybe old but still useful

8 Apr

Although the TcpTunnelerGui has been around for a while (for about 10 years now) it is still helping me out in several situations. The only thing I keep forgetting is where to get it and what the exact syntax is to run it. So for future reference I put it in this post (and hope I remember this post…).

  1. Download the jar (soap-2.3.jar) containing the necessary classes here
  2. Open a command prompt/ terminal and go the location where the jar is located
  3. Run the following command
  4. java -classpath soap-2.3.jar 8081 localhost 8080

For more info about the tunneler see here. So, now when I need this tunneler in the future I know where I can find it and how to use it :-)


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