Adding extra source path to your Maven build

Although it might be considered as bad practice I ran into a case in which I wanted to add an extra source path to my Maven build besides the default ‘/src/main/java’ path. In my situation I generate Java code with JAX-WS to create a web service based on an existing WSDL (I will show this in a separate post). Normally you generate this code in the ‘target’ folder so it is automatically build up in the compile step and cleaned up in the clean step. But like I said I wanted to be able to use the generated code in my Netbeans project as ‘source’ code but I did not want mix it with my own code.
So I added an extra source path as described in this post like this:

<!-- Plugin to add source path to build cycle -->

And to keep it clean I also added the generated source path to the ‘clean plugin’ like this:

<!-- Plugin to add delete path to build cycle -->

This configuration makes it possible to use the extra source path as a normal Maven path and it shows up nicely in my Netbeans project:

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